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All I want for Christmas is a new basketball coach

That simple. Today's loss to UCF was the biggest joke of Giacoletti's career. Why? Because I can't defend it. UCF is a terrible team that had no business staying within 10 of this Utah team. Yet not only did they dominate most of the game, they won and sent the Utes right back into their losing ways. This Utah team might be the worst team in decades and may even pass Achibald's final Utah team -- before he was fired -- as the worst in modern history.

I've tried to defend Giacoletti, but I've realized he's a lost cause and this program will be lost if he continues coaching here. With Whittingham you at least saw progress as the season went on, however this Utah team is playing no better today than they were at the first of the season. Yeah, it's only been a little over a month since their first game, but they shouldn't be losing to UCF. This would be like the Utah football team losing, at home, to Utah State. Losses like these are unacceptable and the blame should fall squarely on Giacoletti's shoulders.

Over on Ute Fans there was a rumor that Giacoletti would be out as soon as the San Juan Shootout ended. I hope this is true, because keeping him as coach throughout the season might completely torpedo any hope of bringing in someone decent to clean up the mess he left.

I know a lot of fans feel firing a coach mid-way through the season is not the way to go, however it can have its benefits. Hill will automatically have the inside track on any past coach not currently coaching (hello Mike Montgomery) and he can at least keep a keen eye on possible replacements as they lead THEIR team to the NCAA Tournament. This team has talent, at least enough talent to win at this level, and Giacoletti has failed at producing victories that equal the talent this team has. That right there makes this program more desirable for a coach than some rebuilding project. Giacoletti has said he's rebuilding Utah basketball, but if you ask me he isn't doing that. No, he's completely demolished this program and has left a gaping hole where it once stood.