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Another day and another loss...when will this crap end?

Holy hell Giacoletti is running this program into the ground! Not even two years removed from a Sweet 16 and the Utes are off to their worst start in decades. It's gotten so bad for the Utes and Giacoletti that fans are lining up outside of the Salt Lake City Cemetery because it offers more enjoyment than this basketball team.

The latest team to beat Utah? Albany. Yes, Albany. Who would have thought Albany, New York actually had a basketball team, let alone one that could beat the Utes in Salt Lake City. But that's exactly what took place and because of it, the Utes drop to 5-8 as their preseason schedule comes to close. Up next? Oh joy, a game against the red hot UNLV Runnin' Rebels. Any chance the Utes even hang with them? Don't think so.

Giacoletti seems to be sinking faster than Michael Richards' career post-Seinfeld. I guess now all we have to do is wait for a nonsensical outburst that might cap off the Giacoletti era here at Utah.

Hit the road Giac....