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He doesn't know Giac about basketball

I'm having a field day with Giacoletti's name, I mean it's just a perfect fit for such an inept coach. If you can't tell though, I'm still stewing over last night's loss to a no-name team from upstate New York. I actually half-expected waking up today and reading Giacoletti had resigned, or maybe that was more hope than expectations and now am pretty disappointed he's still here.

I'm trying to figure out what exactly went wrong with Utah basketball. It isn't like Giacoletti took over a perennial loser and made them worse. Utah basketball had just been named by Street & Smith's as the 11th most successful program in college basketball history when he took over. The Utes finished ahead of Ohio State, Arizona, Syracuse, Michigan State, Texas and Illinois. Now tell me if anyone would ever think of putting Utah's current program above any of those? I surely wouldn't and all the blame falls on Giacoletti's shoulders.

Believe it or not this Utah team ain't that bad. They have enough talent to hammer Washington State -- the same Cougars that played it close to UCLA on the road last night -- and dominate a solid Virginia team. Yet coaching lapses have caused them to lose to the likes of Central Florida, Utah State, Colorado and now Albany. What a freaking joke!

Giacoletti needs to resign now and the Utes should finish the season with an interim coach. Then Dr. Hill should spend the rest of the season looking for a replacement and getting enough money from boosters to bring in that one hire that'll create buzz again for the basketball program. One with a resume better than Giacoletti's and more charisma than a piece of wood, which sadly has more personality than Giac.

The lone good thing about losing is that it's just one more nail in Giacoletti's coffin. The end of the season can't get here soon enough.