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That new car smell.....

Firstly, let me say welcome to you potential readers out there! This is the first post here at Block U and I'd like to use it to introduce myself and this blog.

For those non-Utah fans out there, you're probably wondering what exactly Block U is. Well, wonder no more because I'm about to tell you.

Instead of explaining it in my own words -- and probably butchering its history -- I went right to the source for this information. Block U, as described by the official University of Utah website, is:

Students began painting their class numerals on "The Hill" in the early 1900s. Since the numbers changed annually, the students decided they wanted something more permanent that would promote loyalty and pride. The block U was originally built in 1907 on Mount Van Cott. In 1969, the design was modified and 124 lights were installed. Seated 5,300 feet above sea level and standing 100 feet tall, the block U can be seen for miles. Lighted primarily for athletic events, the block U notifies everyone in the Salt Lake valley and beyond that the Utes are playing at home, flashing after a victory.

This was taken from the Ute Traditions part of Utah's official website. Check that out to familiarize yourself with Utah if you're not a fan.

This blog will cover Utah athletics and college sports in general, and other things I deem worthy to post here. But this site is also going to offer Utah fans the opportunity to express their ideas as well.

On the top right corner of this site, you'll notice a link where you, the reader, can sign up and join in on the fun. There you can create your own diaries (a blog within a blog) and articulate your opinions on a wide variety of issues.

I hope I've covered all the bases, but if you have any questions don't hesitate to e-mail me, or make a comment under this post. Now let's get the game going and GO UTES!