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It would seem everyone and their dog has a preseason top-25 college football publication out now-a-days. All you need is a pen, a piece of paper and Google and you're all set to go. In fact, Every Day Should Be Saturday has a pretty fantastic guide on how to create your OWN top-25. Yes, even West Virginia Senator and Jesus' child hood friend Robert Byrd can create a preseason top-25 poll.

The Mountaineers Homer that he is, Byrd has chosen West Virginia as his #1 team

I wonder if William Shatner has created a preseason top-25, yet? That would be some mighty fine reading, if I may say so. Of course college football fans tend to flock to the more established preseason punditries. The magazines that have essentially become the Holy Bible of college football prognostication. These magazines are widely popular and are either embraced by the fans of a team, or completely dismissed as preseason drivel. I guess it just depends on how favorable the magazine is to the program of your choice.

Here's a look at what some of those national publications are saying about the Utes.

Magazine MWC Nation
Sporting News 2nd --
Athlon 2nd 23rd
Lindy's 1st 15th
Phil Steele 1st 23rd