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Football tidbits

There are some interesting football tidbits to report today, though nothing earth shattering.

  • The 2006 Utah Football Media Guide has been released for all those stat geeks out there. Nothing gets you in the mood more than combing over historical stats from every Utah football season. Check out the Tom Lovat days if you want to be depressed.

    I single handedly set Utah football back 80 years!

  • The Gold Sheet preseason college football preview is out and they have Utah winning the Mountain West Conference, they also rank them 21st in the country.
  • Our friends over at Bruins Nation have replied to my UCLA preview and my issues with the Pac 10. Menelaus believes that Utah does have a chance at beating the Bruins, however it will be because of the ineptitude of Karl Dorrell, rather than Utah's ability. I laugh at this proposal, as Utah's offense may make mince-meat out of a suspect UCLA defense.

    Jon Tenuta's vaunted defense saw Utah dominate its way to a 38-10 bowl win over Georgia Tech.

  • An updated version of Utah's schedule has been released, as well. Not very impressive, especially once we get out of next year. In 2008, Utah's out of conference schedule will consist of Washington State, Oregon State, Utah State and Weber State (D 1-AA). This has conspicuously been named the "State" season. In 2010, things look even more bleak, with games against Washington State, Utah State, Iowa State and San Jose State. Apparently, Dr. Chris Hill and Kyle Whittingham have decided Utah will play nothing but schools with "state" in their name from now on.
  • If you're a fan of classic sports, head on over to Roll Bama Roll, where they've got a flashback entry on great moments in 'Bama history.
  • And finally, our Florida friends have done a preview of the Utes this season, a feat in and of itself since they made zero Mormon jokes. For that they deserve some solid props, especially for the sweet Power Point.