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Friday tidbits

Let's do this...

  • Preseason previews are the rage and over at Bruins Nation it's no different as their Utah preview is now up. It's a good read with the expectations of Utah doing better than last year, but not better enough to beat UCLA.
  • Finding out where all that NFL talent comes from is a lot of work. Luckily Dawg Sports has done a fantastic job at breaking down the top states in terms of talent by using U.S. Census Bureau numbers. Did you know Louisania produces 1 NFL player per 58,802 people? Yeah, I didn't either, well up until a few minutes ago.
  • The regionals are coming to Salt Lake City, well the NCAA Basketball Tournament Regionals that is. The NCAA announced yesterday that the Utes would host the 2010 Sweet 16 and Elite Eight at the Delta Center. Since the Utes will be hosting the event, Utah, if they qualify for the tournament in 2010, would not be eligible to play in the Salt Lake regional. Damn.
  • The Deseret News has a great article on how Marquess Ledbetter is trying to get back into football after the NCAA denied him his medical redshirt. Ledbetter played defensive end for the Utes during their 2004 undefeated season and he was an invaluable asset to the Utes while here.
  • The Utah Jazz have traded away Keith McLeod, Devin Brown and Andre Owens to the Golden State Warriors for clutch shooter Derek Fisher. You can read Warrior fans opinion on this trade over at Golden State of Mind.
  • Over at Roll Bama Roll, they have ranked the Utah-UCLA game #3 in their What to Watch of week one.