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Smith living up to #1 billing...for now anyway

The Niners opened up their preseason last night against the Bears at Monster Park and Alex Smith offered a big reason as to why he was the number one draft pick in the 2005 NFL draft. Smith completed 16 of 21 passes for an impressive 137 yards in the Niners 28-14 win over Chicago. That's a quarterback rating of 92.8, compared to his 40.8 rating from last season. While he didn't throw for a touchdown, Smith didn't throw an interception and avoided getting sacked the entire time played.

Smith struggled in his rookie season, only passing for one touchdown, while throwing 11 interceptions in only 9 appearances for the Niners. There had been rumblings prior to the preseason about Smith's potential and whether he would pan out or turn into yet another NFL bust. And while it's impossible to gauge a player's success off of one preseason game, there is at least some progress. Smith will look to continue his role as the Niners starting quarterback this season as the team will try and improve on their 4-12 record from last year.

Alex Smith and the Niners look to improve on last year's dismal 4-12 finish, and last night was a good start as San Francisco opened up their preseason with a 28-14 win over Chicago

Paris Warren also played last night, as the Bucs defeated the Jets 16-3. Warren had 1 touchdown catch early in the 3rd quarter.