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Rumor: Ratliff to be named starting quarterback tomorrow afternoon.

Utah's new starting quarterback

Block U has learned that Brett Ratliff apparently will be named Utah's starting quarterback tomorrow afternoon, or shortly thereafter. Ratliff, who started in two games for Utah last season, led the Utes to a 2-0 record including a decisive win over Georgia Tech in the Emerald Bowl.

A week ago, last year's starting quarterback Brian Johnson announced he would redshirt the 2006 season to fully heal his injury sustained in a last minute loss to New Mexico toward the end of last season. Ratliff had been fighting it out with Oklahoma transfer Tommy Grady, but appears to have the starting role locked up with less than two weeks remaining until the Utes open their season on the road against UCLA -- who oddly enough picked Ben Olson as their starting quarterback today, as well.

Update [2006-8-22 0:42:42 by JazzyUte]: While this rumor still is credible, local news is reporting that we may not find out who'll start for the Utes until Wednesday. Coach Whittingham wants to run through one more scrimmage before making a definitive decision.