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Wednesday morning news

Seems both Utah and UCLA are doing their part talking up the other team...

The Deseret News talks about how UCLA is taking Utah seriously in the opener.

"They're going to be a formidable foe year in and year out," said Dorrell. "I know they are."

Utah, he added, has been successful in the Mountain West Conference and is making tremendous inroads by beating very good programs and winning bowl games.

"There's no doubt this is a very, very good football team and a great challenge for our team, given our inexperience and their experience coming in," said Dorrell. "So it's going to be an exciting and great challenge for us on Saturday."
The first meeting between the Utes and Bruins since 1974 has multiple story lines. UCLA has won all seven previous contests, but Utah has won four straight over Pacific-10 opponents.

Extending the streak to five, explained Whittingham, won't be easy. The Utes have their work cut out for them.

"I think they very well could be the most athletic team we play all year long. Why wouldn't they be? They have Pac-10 facilities, Pac-10 budget, they have it all. Why wouldn't they be an outstanding football team?," said Whittingham. "We expect to see a bunch of guys out there who can really run. That's just the nature of UCLA's football team over the last couple years."

Looks like this could be turning into a contest as to which coach talks more positive about the opposing team than the other. But that's typical coach speak, always need to make your opponent look like national championships prior to the game. That way if you win, you've got a solid victory over a solid team and if you lose, well at least you talked about how good they were prior to the game.