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Weddle named national and conference player of the week

Eric Weddle became the first Ute since Alex Smith in 2004 to be named the Walter Camp National Player of the Week. Weddle had three interceptions -- two returned for touchdowns -- and another touchdown on offense in Utah's 38-7 thrashing of San Diego State to kick off conference play. Weddle became the first Utah player to record three interceptions in a game since Erroll Tucker did it in 1985.

Weddle is also a USA Today Player of the Week nominee and can be voted on here. Sadly, the BCS bias is rearing its ugly head, as Weddle trails Nate Longshore of Cal and Terrail Lamber of Notre Dame -- even though Weddle had more touchdowns than Lamber (who had two interceptions, one for a touchdown).

The Mountain West Conference also named Weddle their defensive player of the week, becoming the second Ute to be named conference player of the week this year. Louie Sakoda was named special teams player of the week after Utah's loss to UCLA at the start of the season.