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Entering the mad house after last week's picks

You would be surprised at how difficult it is to predict every single game in Division 1. I nearly contemplated entering myself into the mad house after last week's picks, thanks to Notre Dame. The Irish still remain the only team I've yet to correctly pick. Last week I went out on a limb and chose the Irish over Michigan State and for about 3 1/2 quarters, I was right. Then Michigan State orchestrated one of the biggest choke jobs in recent history and lost. Thanks again, Notre Dame! Last week I didn't too bad, going 46-12, so my record this season is 203-46, which means my total percentage of correctly guessing games dropped from 82% to 81%. Damn you Notre Dame!

Ok, enough about Notre are the picks and a quick look at some key games.

Oh and by the way, since I do these picks on Thursday, I did not get them out prior to the So. Miss - UCF game. But I promise you that I would have chosen So. Miss...believe it.

Week five predictions

Thursday game predictions

TCU: 24
TDS: 21

Auburn: 24
So. Carolina: 10

I think this will be a low scoring game because I like South Carolina's defense. The game will be close during the first half, but I think Auburn pulls away in the second.

Friday game predictions

South Florida: 24
Rutgers: 14

Saturday game predictions

Virginia: 24
Duke: 17

Pittsburgh: 35
Toledo: 21

Navy: 21
UConn: 10

Tennessee: 28
Memphis: 17

Wisconsin: 21
Indiana: 7

Michigan State: 42
Illinois: 14

Colorado: 28
Missouri: 21

Colorado gets its first win of the season and Missouri is brought back down to earth. No way should the Tigers be ranked in the top-25.

Texas: 56
Sam Houston: 7

Boston College: 35
Maine: 10

LSU: 45
Mississippi State: 10

Syracuse: 21
Wyoming: 10

Akron: 31
Kent State: 21

Ohio: 38
Bowling Green: 14

New Mexico: 31
Air Force: 27

Florida: 24
Alabama: 14

Big revenge game for the Gators after they got their butts handed to them last year against 'Bama. The Crimson Tide are not a very good team this year, however their defense should keep Florida's spread offense from being utterly dominate.

Notre Dame: 42
Purdue: 35

I think this will be a high scoring game and Purdue is very capable of pulling off the upset. However I just do not see that happening and Notre Dame will definitely be riding high after last week's big comeback win over Michigan State. Now it's up to Notre Dame to go out and actually lose this one and again prove me wrong.

UCLA: 42
Stanford: 17

Cal: 45
Oregon State: 14

Utah: 34
Boise State: 24

Wake Forest: 41
Liberty: 0

Virginia Tech: 28
Georgia Tech: 14

This should be a nice battle between two solid teams. Georgia Tech has pulled a lot of stunners over the years and this could be another one. Virginia Tech has been fairly unimpressive in wins this season, at least by their standards, and if they don't pick it up they could lose. However, since this game is being played in Blacksburg, V-Tech has the edge.

Penn State: 38
Northwestern: 14

Cincinnati: 28
Miami (Ohio): 14

Army: 21
Rice: 7

LA Lafayette: 17
Eastern Michigan: 3

Miami: 34
Houston: 21

This is actually a good game because the Cougars are 4-0 and coming off a big win against Oklahoma State. It'll be difficult to go into the Orange Bowl and win, but Houston could give the Hurricanes a scare.

Kentucky: 28
Central Michigan: 14

Oregon: 35
Arizona State: 21

San Diego State: 28
San Jose State: 17

Arkansas State: 21
Florida International: 10

Indiana State: 35
Ball State: 13

North Texas: 24
Middle Tennessee State: 21

Vanderbilt: 42
Temple: 3

USC: 38
Washington State: 14

Iowa State: 45
Northern Iowa: 10

Clemson: 38
Louisiana Tech: 14

UAB: 21
Troy: 10

LA Monroe: 28
Florida Atlantic: 21

Nebraska: 31
Kansas: 14

Kansas State: 17
Baylor: 10

Michigan: 31
Minnesota: 17

Ohio State: 17
Iowa: 16

I see this being an extremely close game and the winner will need to play mistake free to win. It should be an exciting game to watch and Iowa has the weapons to pull off the stunner -- which would throw the NC race into complete chaos.

Georgia: 17
Mississippi: 7

UTEP: 35
New Mexico State: 14

SMU: 24
Tulane: 14

Nevada: 41
UNLV: 28

Washington: 21
Arizona: 10

Fresno State: 35
Colorado State: 14

Hawaii: 59
Eastern Illinois: 14

There you have it, this week's picks. Don't count on me being spot on with many of these games, especially the scores of them.