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Whittingham has harsh words for Utah receiving core

Today's Deseret News has an article on how you should not piss the coaches off with inept play. In last Saturday's game against UCLA, the Utes receivers struggled all night long, dropping ball after ball. While this was not the only reason for the Utes struggles on the road, it didn't help. Because of this, Coach Whittingham had some choice words for the receivers.

I'm disappointed with that group. I've been bragging about that group all offseason," Whittingham said in his weekly press conference. " ... They were soft in their blocking. There is no other way to put it. If you don't block here, you won't play here. I made that known in no uncertain terms (Monday) in the team meeting."

Ouch. Well one thing is clear, Whittingham won't take sloppy play from any of this players. This is good, a coach should never be passive when it comes shoddy performances by the players. Now if only Whittingham would have the same talk with Andy Ludwig.

Saturday should give us an indication if what Whittingham has said sunk through to the players. If the Utes continue to struggle, well maybe the coaches will need to look at themselves rather than the players.