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Friday tidbits

Let's do this...

  • Having difficulty finding the Utes on TV? you're not alone. It would seem that those outside of Salt Lake City, Colorado and New Mexico can only watch mtn. games via the internet. Yeesh, talk about bush league. What's next, halftime entertainment provided by the Salt Lake County Senior Brigade?
  • The Deseret News talks about Utah's opener against Northern Arizona. I also find it interesting that Northern Arizona will most likely be playing in front of its largest out-of-state crowd ever. NAU typically plays Arizona/Arizona State as their only game against D1-A teams.
  • In the Salt Lake Tribune's Utah notes, they discuss Weddle's tough task of covering NAU wide receiver Alex Watson.
  • Utah has not lost an opening home game in the last 5 years, beating Utah State in 2001, Indiana in 2002, Utah State again in 2003, Texas A&M in 2004 and Arizona last season.