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I don't know what else to say other than that. I mean this game was embarrassingly bad and Utah got out played the entire night. What's worse is that the Utes showed no progress and continued their abysmal defense. Colorado State shot 41% on the night and a solid 58% from behind the arc, once again showing Utah can't guard the three point line worth a damn.

CSU's big men, Jason Smith and Stuart Creason, scored 13 and 9 respectively. Smith had 8 boards and the Rams out rebounded Utah 32 to 18, which is a big reason why the Utes lost. Another was the play of Luke Nevill, who scored only 10 points on 2 of 7 shooting, yet another poor night for him from the field. This poor play only leads me to believe Giacoletti has lost this team. They had no heart, no emotion tonight and when the Rams went up by double digits, they folded faster than a house of cards.

This season has gone from bad to worse and I fear the worst has yet to come. I fear what Air Force, San Diego State, New Mexico and even BYU will do to Utah on the road. The play tonight has to go down as some of the poorest in Utah history -- at least in terms of conference production.