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CSU game thoughts

  • By this time next week it's quite possible my head just may explode over Utah's play. I think I can feel it happening and it could occur as early as this Saturday against the Lobos down in Albuquerque. If I had a webcam I would definitely broadcast it online and charge mega bucks to view the madness. But then again, if my head exploded I probably would be dead and I doubt I could collect money from the beyond, so scrap that idea.
  • WTF Nevill? This was supposed to be your breakout year and instead we're given poor play, shoddy defense and a complete letdown from last year's performance. Nevill had a less than impressive 10 points last night against CSU and shot horribly from the field, only connecting on 2 of 7 shots. His inside game was pretty nonexistent and his defense rather weak. I don't want to get too down on Nevill because I think he can still be a great player, but his draft stock has plummeted greatly this season -- which in the end could be good, since it means he won't bolt early.
  • Borha just needs to hand in his playing shoes, because he isn't cutting it with Utah. Borha started last night and promptly turned the ball twice within minutes after the tip. Things didn't improve as the game went on, as Borha finished with 2 points on 1-2 shooting in 13 minutes. Though he did have one more turnover than points (3), so I guess he's got that going for him...if turnovers were counted as a positive stat.
  • Utah won the turnover battle and still got creamed on the road...proving that Giacoletti's position that turnovers have no impact on the final outcome is true (I mean it has to be, right, CSU proved it). If only that could work in Utah's favor, though they've yet to succeed when they turn the ball over more than the opposition. So I guess maybe Giacoletti's view toward defense and turnovers just proves he's full of $#*%. Yeah I bet that's it.
  • I like Green and feel he can become a solid player for the Utes. Against CSU he was 3-5 from three point range and scored 11 points. I guess there were some bright spots in last night's game. Who knew?
  • Wait, I just found another. Johnnie Bryant had a game high 16 points on 6-12 shooting, marking the second straight game he's led the Utes in scoring. He was also 4-7 from behind the arc, so here's hoping Bryant, a junior, can continue to grow and have a standout senior year.
  • After the UNLV game I said Stephen Weigh would be an awesome player for the Utes. I still stand by this, though he struggled against the Rams, only scoring 1 point the entire night. He's still young and though inconsistent, has had some impressive games for the Utes.
  • This team has talent, but they're just not very good right now. I was hoping for the Utes to bounce back after two tough losses to start conference season, but instead they just rolled over and died. I have a feeling they've given up on Giacoletti and if this is the case, don't expect much more improvement by year's end.