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Giacoletti tired of losing

I saw this in a Deseret News article about Tuesday's game.

The Utes were out of this one after a 13-0 run by the Rams late in the first half and showed little gumption the rest of the way. The loss left Ute coach Ray Giacoletti practically speechless afterward.

"What do you want me to say, guys?" a glum Giacoletti said after emerging from the locker room. "At some point, enough's enough. I'm tired of losing. I'm tired of doing things a certain way. ... I don't care who's coaching the team or what the circumstances are, you stand up and go get something done."

Well I guess it's good Giacoletti is finally tiring of losing, I mean it only took 11 games to get this far. I don't know if this will usher in change, but at least he realizes things aren't going as planned. And I guess once a coach accepts that his plan has failed he either quits, or tries something else. I'm not sure Giacoletti will quit, but maybe realizing perimeter defense is a must will alter his defensive strategy just a bit.

Here's hoping that things actually do change and Utah starts playing better ball. While the season is pretty much lost, Utah can still make a run at a strong conference finish and I guess that's better than finishing at the bottom again.