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Yet another close loss

How many close games can Utah lose in a season? Down by double digits in the second half to the Lobos on the road, Utah came back and tied the game and even had a chance to win it at the end of regulation. However like always, the Utes wilted and lost yet another close game. This drops Utah's conference record to 0-4, which makes them the lone winless conference team.

If there is one bright spot in this, it's David Foster's amazing game. He took over after Luke Nevill fouled out mid-way through the second half and exploded. In only 17 minutes of play, Foster had 8 points on 3-6 shooting, 9 rebounds and one blocked shot. He was also joined by the seldom used Curtis Eatmon, who stepped in and had 11 points on 3-6 shooting, including two three pointers and 5 assists.

But even the great play of Foster and Eatmon can't hide the fact Utah once again poorly defended the three point line. The Lobos, who entered tonight's game shooting only 37% from behind the arc, shot an impressive 54% from there against the Utes. They also connected on 51% of their shots, while holding Utah to 44% shooting and 33% from three point range.

This game, like many others this season, was winnable. Utah should have beaten the Lobos, yet poor defense and flawed execution in the clutch cost them once again. 5-12, 0-4 and a tough game against Air Force  Tuesday night, damn.