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Does the Air Force win save Giac's job?

I think this is the biggest question being asked by many Utah fans today. It's an interesting one and I'm not sure there is an answer to it right now. In fact, I'd wager this win really hasn't changed anything when it comes to Giacoletti's career with the Utes unless it proves to be the start of something good. And really, Utah has been in this position before, especially after their games against Washington State and Virginia. Each time they've struggled to capitalize on the success of those wins and it's not out of the question -- and could even be expected -- for the Utes to go down that road once again.

Utah has talent and last night's win proves this. Teams devoid of talent do not beat some of the teams Utah has victories over, it just doesn't happen. Yet is it coaching that's kept this team from advancing to the next level, or experience? A week ago I would have thought Giacoletti would be to blame and even though I still suspect he isn't the right guy for the job, I'm not ruling out that maybe youth has been a more hindrance than coaching. With that said, if Utah does not show progress in the coming weeks and reverts back to their old play, I think the argument about lack of experience becomes less and less reasonable. So while this win does not save Giacoletti's job, it does offer him some hope.

It's now up to Giacoletti to take this victory and use it as a springboard for the rest of the season. If Utah can climb to or above .500 in Mountain West Conference play, I think there would be a case for Giacoletti returning for another year. But anything less than that and I question where he's the right man to lead this program. Which I guess is an improvement from where he was only 24 hours ago.