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CEU guard Tyler Kepkay may sign with Utah

The Deseret News is reporting that Utah may sign CEU guard Tyler Kepkay. Kepkay leads National Junior College Athletic Association in points and could sign with Utah in April. He averages 29.3 points per game, shoots 54% from the field, 50% from behind the arc and an impressive 92% from the foul line.

Here's a break down of Kepkay's scoring performances this season with College of Eastern Utah:

Scottsdale CC (17 points)
Eastern Arizona (25 points)
Chemeketa CC (26 points)
Western Wyoming CC (24 points)
Casper College (32 points)
Prolook Sports (32)
Teasure Valley CC (29)
Colorado NW CC (45)
Colorado NW CC (27)
Atwater (38)
Salt Lake City CC (36)
Salt Lake City CC (32)
Snow College (23)
Snow College (27)
North Idaho College (21)
North Idaho College (29)

Currently CEU 12-4 on the season and 5-3 in conference play.

Tyler Kepkay