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Utes struggles force Giacoletti to bring in sports psychologist

It has been reported in the Seattle Times that Ray Giacoletti has hired a sports psychologist to help work with the team. Giacoletti told the Times that there has been a fine line between wins and losses, alluding to Utah's close losses this season.

It'll be interesting to see how this helps the team. I'm not sure exactly when Giacoletti started using this sports psychologist, but if it's recent, that could explain why Utah has won two straight.

Team confidence is such a tricky thing, especially when you're dealing with a young program. Utah obviously lacked confidence in the clutch this season, because they constantly wilted every time the pressure was turned up. Their close win over Wyoming may have ended that, but I'm not about to speculate until they have a few games under their belt. That starts this Saturday with a road game against San Diego State, in my mind a must win for Utah. If Utah does revert back to their old ways, I think it'll be pretty clear what a failure Giacoletti really is.