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Giac-ball at its finest!

Sloppy play, careless defense and a complete meltdown pretty much define tonight's game. The Utes led by 11 early in the second half and then gave up a 20-4 run to the Aztecs before losing by 10. The loss ends Utah's two game winning streak and pretty much supports the notion that this team will never improve under Ray Giacoletti's tutelage.

I'll discuss more of the game later, but right now I honestly don't know what to say. This team just does not have what it takes to consistently win and I'm praying Wednesday they don't completely collapse and lose to BYU at home for the first time in 13 years.

Though there was some good news today, as the Lady Utes defeated BYU 64-54. Utah is now 7-0 in conference play, atop the Mountain West Conference. Oddly enough, it was thought this year's Utah squad would be one of head coach Elaine Elliot's weakest in recent years. The team lost Shona Thorburn and Kim Smith, both integral in Utah's run to the Elite Eight last year.