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Mountain West Conference power rankings

Is Air Force still the class of the league? They dropped two games against Utah teams in recent weeks and now find themselves tied atop the conference standings. A week ago it looked as if they would run away with the conference and now there seems to be a logjam at the top. Will Air Force pull away, or can BYU, CSU and UNLV make a run for the conference championship?

Rank Team Comments
1 Air Force lost to BYU Saturday, giving them their second conference loss of the season. The loss hurt the Falcons chance of running away with the conference, as they're now tied with BYU and UNLV for the top spot in the conference. Air Force has a chance for revenge later this season against BYU in Colorado Springs and a tough contest against UNLV on the road toward the end of the conference season.
2 UNLV slowly built a solid team and now they're reaping the benefits of great coaching. A home game against Air Force later this season could decide the conference championship. Though they do travel to Provo for a game against BYU.
3 The Cougars have been all over the spectrum this season. They have losses on the road against Boise State and Lamar, yet a win over Air Force at home. Their road win against New Mexico earlier last week was impressive, but as the season progresses, the Lobos are looking less and less imposing. Wednesday is the big game against Utah at the Huntsman Center, an arena BYU hasn't won at since 1994.
4 The Rams lost a tough one to Wyoming last week, but they're still in conference contention. This could turn out to be the best season Colorado State has had in decades.
5 The Aztecs were floundering, but a 10 point win over Utah might put them back on the winning course. Though they're out of the conference hunt and it's looking unlikely they'll make the NCAA Tournament without winning the conference tournament, a strong finish and an NIT berth should be expected.
6 Wins over Colorado State and TCU ended a two game losing streak and the Cowboys might just be back to winning, but how long will it last and will it be enough to save Steve McClain's job?
7 Just when it looked like the Utes were turning it around, they go and blow an 11 point lead against San Diego State. That loss hurt the Utes, as they reverted right back to their sloppy play. Things don't get any easier, as Utah now faces BYU Wednesday night at home. Though as I stated earlier, Utah hasn't lost to BYU at home in 13 years.
8 Once you get beyond Wyoming, it's really too close to pick which team sucks the most. The Frogs are once again going to finish toward the bottom of the conference, even after starting 2-0. Since that fast start, TCU has lost 5 straight.
9 Right at the bottom are the Lobos, coming off another loss, this time in OT to UNLV. Though they showed heart, New Mexico just can't get it together. Their lone conference win came against Utah at home and with road games against Utah, BYU, Colorado State and a home game against Air Force ahead, things won't get any easier.