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First half thoughts on tonight's conference opener

Currently the Utes are down 4 to UNLV on the road. Not a bad start for Utah. They're shooting 42%, but yikes UNLV is shooting 48% from the field. Utah's three point shooting is pretty impressive right now, at 50% (4-8).

Utah is dominating the boards, 25 to UNLV's 11, but are struggling on the fastbreak, as they've yet to score a fastbreak bucket in the half. Nevill has 6 points on 2-7 shooting and Shaun Green leads the Utes with 13 on 5-8 shooting. Kevin Kruger has 15 on 5-8 for UNLV.

Utah held a 34-33 lead toward the end of the first half before UNLV went on a mini-run to outscore the Utes 5-0 to end the half. Let's hope the Utes can pick it up in the second half and somehow pull out a victory.