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Tigers lick Irish in '07 Sugar Bowl

And I called it yesterday prior to the game. Notre Dame struggled all night long at stopping LSU's offense and a few questionable plays by head coach Weis really hurt the Irish. I'm specifically thinking of the Irish going for it on fourth down early in the game when they were pinned deep in their own territory. When LSU stopped them and scored the touchdown, it really signaled what kind of game it would be for Notre Dame. Oh well, once again the Irish prove they really don't belong in a BCS bowl game.

Today I don't envy Irish fans though, because it must sting knowing how badly they got beat last night. This game got ugly fast and the fact Notre Dame stayed competitive throughout the first half probably makes it sting even more. Nothing worse than watching your team claw and fight, only to get walloped in the end and that's exactly what happened. Oh well, I'm sure Notre Dame will make a BCS bowl game next year and again get the crap beat out of them.

LSU played lights out in the second half and have proven they're a legitimate top-5 team. Though I'm going to guess LSU fans are kicking themselves over that Florida game, because if they defeat the Gators, it very well could be LSU playing Ohio State for the national championship. Oh well, it's a 12-game season, not a 10 game one.