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Kicked in the balls once again!

I'll give the players credit, they played very well tonight. A 14 point dog on the road, they walked into the Thomas and Mack Center and went toe-to-toe with a far better and more experienced UNLV team. With that said, it was the same dumb mistakes that cost them in an exciting and down right heart stopping double overtime game.

It started with Utah up one with less than a minute left in the second overtime. UNLV fouls Lawrence Borha and he goes up to the line, missing the first free throw and making the second. With a two point lead, the Utes defense collapses and the Rebels score a bucket to tie the game. All Utah has to do is get the ball up court, run some time off of the clock and then set up a play that could position them for the score. But of course with Borha running the show, things never really go as planned. He gets trapped, spazzes out and turns the ball over. UNLV quickly runs down the court and lays it in to take the two point lead. Ok, shot clock off and now all the Utes need to do is again get the ball in and set up a play that can tie the game. What happens? Borha once again touches the f*cking ball, throws a terrible pass and turns it over. Utah fouls Kevin Kruger, who misses the first and then sinks the second. The Utes still have a chance, but they take their marry time getting the ball up court and the only shot they can get is an awkward three from the corner by Shaun Green. Utes can't rebound, UNLV wins and once again Utah loses a game in the final seconds (that's 6 now this season, if you're counting).

I won't put this game on Giac, but why in the hell was Borha in when it's pretty much known he has about as much basketball knowledge as an ant? Hell, at least ants can work well with teammates and hold a boat load more than their weight, what in God's name can Borha do outside of blowing Utah's chances at victory? He can't even carry the weight of his own play, let alone that of his teams.

Give it up for Luca Drca Stephen Weigh though, who calmly stepped up at the end of regulation and hit two of three free throws to send the game into overtime. I know the missed first free throw cost Utah the game, but the other two put the Utes in position to fight's just too bad Borha has to go f*ck it all up with his deficient play.