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Failure to improve has doomed Utah

It feels like the Washington State victory happened eons ago. After that game, the Utes looked as if they had finally turned a corner and that maybe things were working their way out. Utah had just climbed to .500, had won three straight and finished off a solid Pacific Ten team by a wide margin. Since that game Utah has won 2 and dropped 7, including 4 straight.

What's clear with this Utah team is that they lack an inability to improve as the season progresses. Currently the Utes are about half-way through their schedule and sit at the bottom of the Mountain West Conference with a record of 5-10. They're off to their worst start in 30+ years and have started 0-2 in conference play for the first time in 15 years. What's worse is that the team actually looks worse today than they did a month ago, when they were coming off a close loss to instate rival Utah State on the road. Which just shows how poorly they are coached.

The sign of a well coached team is their ability to improve as the season progresses. Good teams, even if young, should be playing above .500 ball by the time the middle of the season rolls around. This is clearly not the case with Utah and it isn't like they've had a tough schedule. In fact, Utah played one of their easiest preseason schedules in recent memory, and yet they failed to capitalize and win. Saturday's game against TCU summed up this season pretty well, this team just isn't getting it done. They're not getting it done because improvement is just not there. And I blame Giacoletti because in the end, it's the coach and his assistants that teach these kids how to compete. What Giacoletti is doing this season can't be defined as teaching, because they're not learning.

I said prior to the TCU game that Utah would need to defend the three point line because the Horned Frogs, even though they weren't a three point threat, could stay in the game making those shots. Well what do you know, Utah failed once again at defending the three and they lost. They lost because TCU had their best game of the season from the perimeter and the Utes failed to adjust. It was the UNLV game all over again, except emotionally the Utes weren't into it, which shows me they're close to giving up.

It's frustrating watching this team play so poorly because I do think there is talent. Really bad teams do not defeat Washington State and Virginia the way Utah did earlier this season. But it does seem those victories were in spite of coaching and that's the underlining problem with this team right now. Giacoletti can't coach and it's becoming more and more evident as the season continues. I do not believe TCU has better players than Utah and it is inexcusable to lose at home like this.