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BCS National Championship thoughts

  • Urban Meyer is the best coach in college football. Yeah Pete Carroll makes a strong case, but what took place last night in the Arizona desert can only be described as a complete dismantling. If Meyere stays with Florida, he'll find a nice place along side some of the greats of college football.
  • Troy Smith flopped bigger than New Coke. Heisman winner, dominate quarterback, leader of an undefeated team and what does he go out and do? Play possibly the worst game of his career, which also happens to be his last and biggest. I knew the Gators defense was good, but by the way they played out there last night, it looked like some actual gators suited up and took the field.
  • More on the Gators defense, because damn they dominated. Ohio State had 82 TOTAL yards, a BCS record. Yeah, you read that right, 82. Not 82 just on the ground, or only 82 just through the air, 82 on the ground and through the air. It breaks down to 47 yards rushing and 35 yards passing, just showing how utterly rim rocking and grandma slapping Florida's defense was last night.
  • Was Ohio State the most overrated team to ever play for BCS National Championship? No, but damn close. I think Oklahoma in '04 takes the cake for the egg they laid against the Trojans, but at least USC was ranked higher than they were. If anyone thought of a blowout victory, surely it would be at the hands of the Buckeyes, not a one-loss Florida team. But it wasn't and the Gators pulled off a surprising stunner, not because they won, but because of how they won. Ohio State proved they had no business being in the national championship, yet without a playoff we had to learn the hard way.
  • And speaking of a playoff, I wonder how LSU, Wisconsin, Boise State, USC and Louisville would have all faired against Florida in the national championship. I'm guessing they would have proved more formable than the Buckeyes -- though LSU did lose fairly big to Florida earlier in the season.
  • Finally, this season proves just how badly we need a playoff. Ohio State rolled through their schedule and really left no doubt they would be playing for the BCS National Championship, justified or not. Yet prior to the bowl season, I think Wisconsin, Michigan, Boise State, LSU and even Louisville all had legitimate arguments when it came to getting in over Florida. Not because they were better, but because fair is fair and if you let one one-loss team in, you should at least look at the others. Florida proved to be deserving, Ohio State not so much. There in lies the problem, we never had the two best teams in the nation playing for the national championship, just the supposed two best -- which clearly proved wrong, at least on the Ohio State side.