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Mountain West Conference power rankings

We have a new team at the top of the rankings.

Team of the week: Utah & Wyoming. For the first time ever, there are two teams of the week. Wyoming defeated TCU in a hard fought contest Saturday, while Utah rolled Louisville Friday night. Both very impressive wins, now let's just see if Utah doesn't muck it up this Saturday.

Dud of the week: CSU. C'mon Rams, you freaking lose to San Diego State at home? Embarrassing.

Week Six Rankings
Rank Team Comments
1 The Cowboys got an impressive victory over TCU last week and have proven they aren't going away any time soon. Could Wyoming win the conference? Well the only two teams standing in their way could be BYU and Utah, and they get the Cougars at home. This week, though, Wyoming will have to fend off New Mexico.
2 While officially BYU had its bye week last week, they might as well consider their game against UNLV as another. This should be an easy victory for the Cougars and I don't expect them to Utah this game.
3 Falcons did what they should have done last week by beating UNLV. But this week they face a struggling Colorado State looking for its first victory of the year. With this being played in Fort Collins, don't be surprised if the Falcons lose this one.
4 Utah gets a big win over Louisville last week, but they'll need to keep it up if they are going to climb these rankings. Up next, a should win against San Diego State. Which means Utah very well could lose.
5 The Lobos had a bye week and can make some noise with a victory over Wyoming Saturday. It's not going to be easy, but if New Mexico has any chance of winning the Mountain West, they can't fall into an 0-2 hole.
6 What the hell has happened to TCU? This team was supposed to make the BCS and they might be lucky if they make it to 6-wins. They can start turning this season around with a big win over a Stanford team that's fresh off upsetting former #1 ranked USC. A loss, however, could really make it difficult to become bowl eligible.
7 Good going, Aztecs. Big road win against CSU. Oh wait, CSU sucks this year. Never mind, wake me when you actually beat a team that isn't on the fast track to failure. Like Utah, this Saturday.
8 Proving their win over Utah was a fluke, the Rebels have dropped two straight. Not a surprise, this team is just as bad as they were last year. All the hype after their victory against the Utes was hollow. Expect them to get slaughtered by BYU.
9 I think this season will officially be dubbed the Sonny Lubick Farewell Tour, because he ain't coming back. He won't be fired, but much like DeBerry last season, he will be pushed out the door. I have never seen such a proud program, under the same coach, completely collapse like CSU has over the past few years. Just five years ago they were the class of the Mountain West, and now they're one of its worst teams. Unacceptable and change will be made once the year comes to a close barring some miraculous comeback.