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Boylen to coach only two or three games this season?

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Ok, not really, but the NCAA is clamping down on coaches' swearing. Now even though Jim Boylen has not been the head man of a college team, clearly cursing comes easy to him. All you have to do is watch a Utah basketball practice and you'll see he's a mix of Jerry Sloan and Rick Majerus. The no-cursing rule could ultimately force Boylen to tone it down and play nice. But can he? It's not easy, especially for someone that's as passionate about the game as Boylen appears to be.

That means no more "I'll rip your #%!@ing head off if you don't make the shot," and the other colorful language we've heard from Boylen since taking the Utah job in March. So what are the odds Boylen makes it through the first week of the basketball season without receiving a technical? I'm guessing they're very #%!@ing slim.