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Mountain West Conference power rankings

Only a few more weeks left in the season, how will things shake out?

Team of the week: Utah. It's not easy going on the road, it's even more difficult when you're traveling to Fort Worth. The Utes, however, weren't intimidated and rolled TCU Thursday night.

Dud of the week: UNLV. Crushed by the previously winless Rams. Ouch. UNLV's only conference win might be against the Utes!

Week Eight Rankings
Rank Team Comments
1 It looked like my prediction about the Lobos losing to San Diego State might actually happen. However, the Lobos toughened up, stormed back and defeated the Aztecs on a last second touch down. Not bad, but can they beat Air Force?
2 Knocked down a spot for scheduling Eastern Washington over Utah State. What a joke. BYU doesn't play Saturday, as their game against San Diego State has been postponed until December because of the fires (by the way, prayers to those in So. Cal).
3 The Falcons just keep on rolling. You expect them to drop, but they don't and they probably won't fall too far the rest of the season. A tough test, though, at New Mexico tonight. If the Falcons win there, start engraving their name on the Mountain West trophy, because they'll be winning it.
4 Solid win against TCU, now they've got to turn around and beat a team they should. We've been here before, now hopefully the results aren't the same.
5 Ugly loss to the Utes, where the offense couldn't do much. And now they have a bye week to prepare for their home game against New Mexico.
6 Cowboys are falling fast and quickly finding themselves out of bowl contention. If they don't get their act together -- and they should, with UNLV traveling to Laramie -- Glenn will be facing his third consecutive non-winning season. How many more of those can Glenn survive?
7 Finally, the Rams taste the sweet nectar of VICTORY! Now they just need to follow it up with a win over Utah.