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Ah, nuts! A bye week

I'm not a big fan of the bye week. Oh sure it's important for the team, but for fans, these bye weeks are just no fun. Especially when your team is burning it up like the Utes currently are. However, I do believe this is the perfect time for a bye week and I expect Utah to capitalize on the break.

Firstly, the Utes can get healthy for the stretch run. With three games remaining on the schedule, with two at home, a healthy Utah team might be the difference between a 1-2 finish and a 3-0 finish. Especially if Brian Johnson can get his arm back to the level where it was prior to his injury. Over the past few weeks it's pretty clear his arm has been giving him problems and a weeks rest should do wonders. A healthy Johnson is a good Johnson (no sexual jokes, please) and Utah will need that to win these next three games.

Secondly, Utah now has an extra week to not only plan for its next opponent, Wyoming, but also the remaining schedule. That means finally finding a way to beat New Mexico and then coming up with a game plan that regains Utah's control of the Holy War. That should ready the Utes for their next three games and definitely give them the upper hand in most, if not all, those games.

Thirdly, Utah can stew over the fact that the final three opponents all beat them last year. This a revenge tour and Utah will play it up as such. I'm sure each and every one of those losses are fresh in the Utes' mind, especially the final two games against New Mexico and BYU -- where Utah not only lost two heartbreakers, but coughed up late leads. I hope the team can use those losses as motivation to beat the crap out of all three of them and finish the season on a roll.

Revenge Tour 2007. Coming to a stadium near you