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Yeah, I rarely swear on this blog, but this deserves it. I'll say it one more time, #$^%!

This loss stings, but it isn't nearly as bad as last year, since Utah played great then and really struggled today. The Utes were lucky to be in this game because, with everything that happened, it should have been an easy BYU victory. But give credit to the Cougars, they made the plays and Utah couldn't come up with a big stop...even if it was 4th and 18.

This loss sucks, but I'm not blaming the defense, because without that effort, the Utes probably would not have had a chance to win it. I'm also not going to put this at the foot of the refs, even though all three of those calls on BYU's last drives were bullshit. In the end, Utah needed ONE DAMN STOP AND THEY COULDN'T DO IT. Because of that, the Cougars roll on and Utah now needs to regroup for their bowl game.