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Poinsettia Bowl gameday open thread

Let's make it 7 bowl games in a row!

Utah Navy
Quick Look

Thursday, December 20th

7:00 MST

Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego, California


Radio: Kall 700

Game Preview

What to expect when Utah has the ball: A balanced offense. With Navy constantly having trouble defending the run and the pass, look for Utah to air it out a bit, but also ram the ball down their d-line's throat.

What to expect when Navy has the ball: That damn pesky triple option. Navy won't pass much, so they'll keep it on the ground most of the night. If they succeed at running their offense, the Midshipmen shouldn't have a problem moving the ball down field.

How Utah wins: Contain the triple option, which is easier said than done. On paper, Utah should win, but the Utes have struggled with this type of offense in the past and I'm not so sure that changes tonight. The Utes will also need to be successful on offense, because I expect this to be a fairly high scoring game. With Navy's defense performing as badly as they have over the season, there is no excuse for Utah to struggle on the offensive end.

Lucky is back by popular demand and he wants to end the season on a winning note.

8-1 I be, after a Thursday night victory.

Let's hear what you think. Register for a free account here and leave your comments, predictions and other gameday chatter below in the comments section. GO UTES, BEAT NAVY!

If you're interested in the Navy perspective during the game, check out Pitch Right's live blogging of the game.