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Simply pathetic!

It's unbelievable how many bad records are being set by Giacoletti's Utes. Worst conference start in 53 years, worst loss in 30 or so years and now the Utes lose their first game at home to BYU in 13 years. I really don't know what to say, except that Giacoletti can't coach and this Utah team may be the worst in modern history. Defensively they just can't contend with the most mediocre of offenses and this is becoming more and more clear as the season goes on.

I felt like this would be a win, because talent wise Utah is probably just as good as BYU. However the Utes got completely out coached tonight and embarrassed on their home court by their bitter rival. Pathetic, just freaking pathetic.

I can take losing to San Diego State, Albany and TCU. But to lose to BYU, a team Utah had dominated at home over the past decade, is unacceptable. This season has been the least enjoyable of any season since I started cheering for the Utes and I blame Giacoletti for this. Oh sure I felt we should give him until the end of the year to prove his worth, and I still believe this, however the writing is on the wall and Giacoletti's teams just aren't disciplined enough to win.

I'll say it again, freaking pathetic.

I'm tired of losing and I'm tired of every good record this team has accomplished over its storied past being broken under Giacoletti's leadership.

Utah basketball has just drained all excitement out of me and I've never been this close to just being completely apathetic toward what they do. Frankly, this season couldn't end soon enough and if Giacoletti does return, with no evidence that he can coach, I fear things will only continue to decline and fan support will hit a new low.

It's sad when Utah basketball is the worst D1-A team in the state. UVSC, Utah State, BYU, Weber and Southern Utah have all proven to be better than the Utes in some way or another and I don't recall that ever happening before. Yet another bad mark for this team thanks to Giacoletti.

I'll say it one more time. PATHETIC!