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Mountain West Conference power rankings

A race is brewing for the conference championship, but right now it looks like BYU has the inside track. Outside of those three teams, the conference is just down right terrible, especially at the bottom. There are some big games coming up this week, which should help thin out the herd at the top.

Rank Team Comments
1 BYU has sole possession of the top spot and have won 6 straight. They dominated TCU on the road Saturday and won a close one against Wyoming in Laramie. The streak should continue with home games against New Mexico and CSU, two of the worst teams in the conference.
2 Air Force got abused on the road against San Diego State, their fourth loss of the season. Yet bounced back by beating New Mexico in Albuquerque, a traditionally tough place to play. The Falcons should have no problem beating Utah and Colorado State in Colorado Springs, but a tough road game against UNLV next week could end their conference championship hopes.
3 UNLV got blasted by BYU two weeks ago and bounced back with solid wins against TCU and Wyoming. They're still in the conference championship hunt, but with 3 of their final 5 games coming on the road, they could drop out if it rather quickly.
4 San Diego State has won 4 straight and are putting together a strong finish to what most likely will be a disappointing season. Their victory over Air Force last Tuesday was huge and if they win out, an NCAA berth might not be out of the question. But that won't be easy, with road games against Wyoming, New Mexico and Utah coming up.
5 The Utes have won 2 straight, yet had a rather easy schedule last week. Their lone game was at home against Colorado State, another ugly win for a Utah team that can't seem to grasp defensive strategy. A few weeks ago they were sitting at the bottom of the conference and now they're the lone team in fifth place. But that probably won't last long, as the Utes play Air Force on the road and UNLV at home this week.
6 New Mexico had won two in a row before losing to Air Force Saturday. That loss wasn't terrible, but the Lobos are still struggling. It doesn't get much easier with a road trip to BYU Wednesday, though a game against TCU at home Saturday should give them a breather.
7 Wyoming is only this high because their losing streak can't compare to that of CSU's and TCU's losing streaks. The Cowboys are done and I'm guessing so is Steve McClain's tenure up in Laramie.Cowboy fans should be dancing in the streets once he receivers his walking papers, so you know what that means. Hide the sheep that day, because it should be one for the books!
8 CSU hasn't won since the cavemen walked the earth, but luckily that may change this week. The Rams play TCU in Fort Collins Tuesday, which definitely will go down as an epic battle between two teams with seemingly never-ending losing streaks.
9 And bringing up the rear are the Horned Frogs, struggling with the worst record in the conference. TCU has lost 9 straight and if they don't beat CSU Tuesday, that streak could continue until the season finally ends for the Frogs in the Mountain West Tournament. At least they have football, right?

The Mountain West Conference is pretty strong at the top, but at the bottom it's just abysmal. Sadly, the middle isn't that much better than the bottom and that's exactly where the Utes fall.