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Air Force game thoughts.

  • ^#%@!
  • What in the hell was that? I know Air Force is a good team, but are they really 26 points better than the Utes? Yikes, Giacoletti has really turned this program around, sadly it's in the wrong direction. Three years ago I would have never thought it possible to lose to Air Force by nearly 30 points. Yet here we are, 24 hours later and that's exactly what I've witnessed. Freaking depressing.
  • Utah's offense regressed greatly last night and it was painful to watch. They shot 44% from the field and a horrible 29% from three point range. It was by far their worst performance on the offensive end this season. But as bad as Utah's offense was, their defense was far more worse. The Falcons shot 50% from the field, and 53% from behind the arc. But even though the Falcons weren't explosive on the offensive end, they played with such discipline and precision that Utah looked confused. Though high scoring games are exciting, a well run offense trumps flash and style -- both of which Utah sorely lacks, I might add.  
  • Outside of Nevill, not one player stepped up for the Utes. Only Johnnie Bryant had more than 5 points, and that was on 2 of 7 shooting. A dramatic change from the success the Utes had earlier this year against the Falcons in Salt Lake City. Which shows that game was an anomaly more than anything else and Utah was lucky enough to have their shots fall. On the road Wednesday night that was not the case and it's pretty clear Utah got dominated by a far better team.
  • I'm jealous of the Falcons. They've been a solid team ever since Majerus bolted Utah in the winter of 2004, while the Utes have had one really good season during that stretch. But what's worse is that the Falcons have gone through just as many coaches in that span as the Utes (if you're not counting, that's 3). That turnover hasn't hurt their ability to sustain success, but it sure has handicapped the Utes. Or maybe it was the fact the Air Force Academy has done a great job at replacing their head coaches, something Utah screwed up on when they hired Giacoletti.
  • There are a minimum of 6 games left in Utah's season. If they get lucky, they may prolong the inevitable for a day or two, but the season will most likely end on March 8th. That's less than a month away and a date I think every Utah fan is counting down. Once March 9th rolls around and Utah has been knocked out of the conference tournament, it should be known as to whether Giacoletti will get the boot, or return for another awful season. If Giacoletti is fired, I expect Utah to name their next head coach by mid-March and I hope it's someone with a resume of success, including at least a couple of NCAA Tournament wins, 20-win seasons and a solid conference record.
  • Air Force only connected on 4 more field goals than the Utes, yet won by 26 points. How is that possible? Well Utah only shot four free throws, compared to 20 for the Falcons. Just how soft are the Utes?
  • Utah also had 17 turnovers, nearly 10 more than the Falcons. Again, poor discipline and crappy coaching. And I don't buy the youth argument, because Utah is turning the ball over at just as high of rate as they were at the start of the season. Typically teams develop and progress as the season moves on, but not these Utes.
  • Ugly game and it shouldn't get much better with UNLV rolling into Salt Lake Saturday. I'm expecting a blowout and another lackluster effort.