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Partnership with

I'm happy to announce a partnership with The Sports Stock Market, an online sports market where fans can buy and sell stocks of NCAA basketball teams, including the University of Utah.

Much like any stock exchange, you buy and sell based on the Utes' performance from here on out. The value of a team is based on regular season wins, conference tournament wins and NCAA tournament wins.

This is how it works. Head on over to the Utah page and begin by entering how many games you think Utah will win this season and then their success in the subsequent categories (win total). When you're done with that, hit the equal sign. If your number is higher than the current trade price, buy the stock. If the number is lower than the current trade price, then you probably would want to sell. This is open for every team, so you can buy and sell their stocks too.

This tool will also be available once football starts and since Utah should perform far better in that sport, it may make the trading process easier. Of course like I said before, you don't have to use this to trade just Utah stocks, any team is available.

My predictions for Utah, which you can use to help your trading along, are fairly low. I think the Utes will most likely finish with 11 wins and no conference tournament wins. This would put Utah's IPO projection at around $33, a possible buy. But definitely not a high total.

Have fun and good luck with it!