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Utes crushed by Rebels

Well that was an ugly game, folks. After building an early lead, the Utes once again went through one of their scoring droughts and Vegas capitalized, running away with the victory. This loss assures the Utes will have their second straight non-winning conference season, something that hadn't been done since Lynn Archibald's final season and Joe Cravens' interim season with Utah.

There really isn't any positives to take from this game. Unlike the last time these two teams met, Utah has completely given up and it showed. They came out with unenthusiastic play, only scoring 25 first half points and the second half wasn't much better, as UNLV built an insurmountable lead and coasted to the win. Utah is now 9-17 on the season and 4-8 in conference play.

Utah's scoring was pathetic, as only three Utes managed more than 10 points. Shaun Green scored 12 on 5-9 shooting, Johnnie Bryant had 14 and was 4-7 from three point range, while Luke Nevill was the team's leading scorer with 15. Those three accounted for 41 of Utah's 57 points.

Utah show below their field goal average, shooting 44% from the field. UNLV was slightly better, connecting on 47% of their field goals. But where they hurt the Utes was with their three point shooting, something that has doomed Utah all season long. UNLV shot a blistering 65% from behind the arc, a big reason behind their blowout win.

Once again the Utes get burned from three point range and fail to adjust when teams step up and hit three point shot after three point shot. Every opponent seems to have their way with the Utes in terms of three point shooting and this is a big reason as to why Utah has struggled.

It's interesting to compare UNLV, a well coached team, against a poor coached team like Utah. While the Rebels only turned the ball over 4 times, Utah had 12 turnovers -- which actually is better than some of their recent games. The Rebels played solid defensively, while Utah played very passively.

Oh well, I pretty much called this game in my preview and I was spot on. Utah stayed close for a bit, then allowed a scoring drought to take them out of the game and the end result was another embarrassing loss. How many more times will the Utes be embarrassed on their home court this season?

Utah now travels to play Wyoming up in Laramie, a historically tough place to play for the Utes. Which means they're primed for yet another blowout loss. Different opponent, same ugly result.