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UNLV game thoughts

  • Another game and another drought for the Utes. After staying competitive early in the game against the Rebels, Utah hit a wall and went over 8 minutes without a bucket. This opened the flood gates, as the Rebels ran off a huge run to take an 8 point lead into the break. The second half wasn't much better, as Utah once again had a scoring drought and UNLV pushed their lead into double digits and never looked back.
  • Saturday's loss was Utah's worst home conference loss in 15 years. Yet another poor benchmark set by Giacoletti's teams. I've actually lost track of how many bad records this team has rewritten. I just hope it ends soon, because I'm feeling a bit like Howard Beale in Network. I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore! Though I don't think the writers had Utah basketball in mind when Beale gave that significant rant, but I can't help but revisit those lines today.
  • No one really stepped up for Utah, who only managed a paltry 57 points. At least earlier this season the Utes were scoring and playing decent enough offensive ball. Now their offense has reached a near-low, joining a defense that has spent the entire season there. Outside of their game against Colorado State two weeks ago, Utah's offense has been less than impressive. And since their defense is pitiful this season, the Utes are like that old lady that has fallen and can't get up; hopeless and woefully amusing. I mean, you kind of feel guilty laughing at it, yet you can't really help it.
  • There are a lot of rumors floating around town today about Giacoletti's coaching future in Salt Lake. Some have suggested Jon Huntsman -- the same Huntsman Utah's basketball arena is named after -- won't attend any basketball games until Giacoletti is gone. Huntsman did attend Saturday's game, which was only his second of the season. It is worthy noting however that he did leave in the middle of the first half, though it's important to note that the Deseret News notes that he left for a minor medical problem -- Huntsman is old.
  • So if Giacoletti does get the boot, which seems more and more likely, who'll replace him? Mike Montgomery leads the list of potential candidates (at least in Utah fans' minds), but Santa Clara will be replacing their head coach and it's widely speculated that Montgomery is at the top of their list as well. And though Utah has a stronger basketball program than Santa Clara, it could fit Montgomery's post-Golden State Warriors mindset of just sitting back and relaxing, while taking control of a small program and leading them to success. It'll be interesting to see who gets the job and I hope we at least have some takers, unlike in 2004 when it seemed like no one and their dog wanted the Utah job.
  • Next up for Utah is a road game against the Cowboys. I'm preparing myself for yet another blowout and would even be surprised if the Utes kept it close. Wyoming, like Utah, has struggled this season, though they're coming off a pretty big home win against San Diego State.
  • Not too long ago it looked like the Utes might finish in the top-half of the conference. They were the lone team in 5th place and now they find themselves in 8th, tied with New Mexico. How much further can the Utes sink? Stay tuned...