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Thoughts on the BYU game

  • This loss still hurts, even 48 hours later. The Utes played unemotionally throughout and I feel this proves Giacoletti has lost the team. Outside of Nevill, who had 26 points on 11 of 16 shooting and Johns, 18 points on 7 of 8 shooting, Utah failed to do anything offensively. And though they shot 52% from the field, those two just couldn't carry the team. Green was non-existent, only scoring 4 points on 2 of 5 shooting. He also failed to connect from three point range and his struggles only made matters worse for an already tepid Utah team.
  • Defensively Utah gave up too many three point shots. Though BYU didn't shoot particularly well from behind the arc, they managed to connect on 7 threes, which accounted for 21 points for the Cougar offense. BYU won by 10, that right there is a big reason why the Utes failed to defeat them for the 14th consecutive year. It also didn't help that Utah allowed BYU to shoot above their average from the field -- a decent 53%.
  • This game underscores everything wrong with Giacoletti's strategy when it comes to game planning. The team played hapless defense, committed more turnovers than the opponents and failed to guard the three point line. And though Nevill had a great game offensively, he still played poorly inside and the Utes could never find a cohesive line-up when it mattered the most. Worst yet, David Foster continues to waste away on the bench, even though Giacoletti gives Grant and Drca more playing time than they probably need.
  • Giacoletti needed to win this game to save his butt (temporarily at least) and he failed miserably. While I think a coaching change is warranted at the end of the season, I would never trade that for a loss to BYU at home. I say this because I do believe the inevitable would have taken its course, even with a victory over BYU. Instead, now we have to realize the fact Utah probably won't win a game against BYU this year. That's a hard pill to swallow.
  • Even though the loss to BYU hurts, the most damning thing for Giacoletti probably is the fact the fan base has become completely apathetic to Utah basketball. The official attendance for Wednesday's game was 12,244, but I doubt there were more than 10,000 fans there, and this includes the BYU fans that attended the game as well. I doubt Chris Hill can justify those empty seats and he should know if Giacoletti is brought back for another year, attendance will only continue to decline.
  • It'll be interesting to see how this team bounces back against TCU on the road. Utah has yet to win a road game this season and a loss to an equally poor Horned Frogs squad seems likely at this point. If this happens, I'd all be for the team bus leaving Giacoletti at the arena.