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Cowboys sink Utes

Another game and another loss. The Utes have now lost three straight, five of their last seven and 11 of their last 15. Of course this game went down like every other game recently for the Utes. They built an early lead and watched the other team go on a sustained run that took them entirely out of the game. This time it was an 18-4 run at the end of the half that did the damage and the Utes really couldn't get back into it, cutting the lead to 5 within the final minutes, but never getting any closer.

This loss now drops Utah's record to 9-17 and 4-9 in conference play. Assuring them of another losing conference record. Thank you, Giacoletti! It is also important to note that Luke Nevill didn't play tonight, which didn't help Utah much.

It wasn't really an exciting game, as you never got the sense Utah would be capable of winning the game. Even when they cut the lead down to 5 and had the ball, you knew they would screw it up somehow and that's exactly what they did. Oh well, just another bullet added to Giac's firing squad.

I'll have more on this loss later.