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Look what's on the front page of Sunday's Tribune

Interesting. Has the Tribune jumped on the Fire Giacoletti bandwagon? Well not yet, but there is an article in Sunday's Tribune that offers reason for and against firing.

While there was nothing new in the article to suggest Giacoletti is on his way out, I did find this quote by Giacoletti himself very telling.

For his part, Giacoletti said he has not heard anything from Hill, one way or the other, and he remains committed to turning the Utes around - while at the same time sounding resigned to increasing speculation about his future.

It's interesting Hill hasn't discussed the future with Giacoletti. Typically a coach is told whether he's on thin ice or not, but Giacoletti hasn't even been told that. Of course this could mean good news for Giacoletti, as typically coaches who get a public vote of confidence from their athletic director are destined to be fired. That hasn't happened yet and it could mean Hill still doesn't know what to do with Giacoletti. Though if I did have to make a guess, I think he's already made his decision and he's waiting until the season is over to announce Giacoletti's firing. This is only opinion and not based on anything I've heard, but in my gut I think Giacoletti is gone once the Utes get bumped from the Mountain West Conference Tournament.