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Thoughts on the SDSU game

  • Fitting that Johns near-perfect game came in his last at home. It's a shame there weren't more fans there to see it, because the show he put on was one of the best in recent memory. But I guess you can't expect the fans to attend when the product on the floor is less than exciting. And that's not a slam on the players, because I think this team does have talent, rather a condemnation of Ray Giacoletti. I just hope this victory doesn't give Chris Hill some false hope that maybe Utah basketball has turned a corner. Because it hasn't and it won't, not with Giacoletti as coach.
  • Speaking of Johns, why didn't Giacoletti take him out during the final moments of the game? It would have been great for him to end his final home game with a standing ovation. Though that didn't happen, which is a shame. I will give Giacoletti credit, at least he played Johns. I actually thought he wouldn't, since Johns' minutes have been all over the place this season.
  • Glad to see Steve Fisher was dug up for this game. Sometimes I half-expect a camera on the sidelines relaying his image from Mount Hope Cemetery in San Diego. In fact, I was surprised he didn't start chomping on the brains of the referees. Now that would have packed the Huntsman Center in!
  • It's pretty surprising knowing only two Utes scored double digits yet Utah still won. I guess when one of those players torches the opponent for 30, it should be expected. Yet with how hot Utah was, I can't help but get the feeling they lucked out in this one. SDSU shot 48% from the field, yet did a great job at hanging in there, never allowing the Utes to roll. This win reminds me a lot of the Utes' victory over Air Force back in January.
  • This was San Diego State's year and now I expect them to drift back to the bottom of the conference next season. Mohamed Abukar and Brandon Heath -- the Aztecs two best players -- are done after this season. And once again, Steve Fisher will have to wait 3 or 4 years before San Diego State contends for the top-half of the conference again.
  • Now the Utes travel down to Provo for their game against BYU Saturday. I don't expect a win, or even much of a game, but it would be nice to beat the Cougars on their home court. A man can dream, right?
  • Thankfully, with their win over San Diego State, Utah avoided the school's first 20-loss season. Even if they lose to BYU and the opening round of the Mountain West Conference Tournament, the most losses they can possibily have this season will be 19. Barely missing out on that horrible 20 loss mark. Now let's just hope next season we're talking 20 wins, instead of the possibility of 20 losses.