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You like really like me!

If you missed it, last week the College Football Blogger Awards were announced and Block U was named the best non-BCS blog. This award was presented by one of my favorite bloggers Kyle, from Dawg Sports.

I would like to thank everyone that voted for me and if you didn't, well I hope you still read the blog anyway. I would also like to congratulate Provo Pride for their second place finish to yours truly. Though the absence of Pitch Right is pretty surprising, since it's one of the best football blogs out there (if not the best non-BCS blog).

Ultimately, I feel out of place with all the winners as some of my favorite sports blogs took home awards. Those include The Blue-Gray Sky, Bruins Nation, Every Day Should Be Saturday, Burnt Orange Nation, Hey Jenny Slater and MGoBlog. These are without a doubt the best college sports blogs on the internet and to even be included with them is really an honor. I just hope my readers think as highly of my writing and insight as the voters. Heck, I hope they think even more of me, because I care more about what you guys think over winning awards. I mean, you're the only reason this blog exists.

I also must thank Rocky Top Talk and Joel for putting this all together. He did an amazing job and deserves a helluva lot of credit.

Thanks again!

You really like me!