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TCU game thoughts

  • What an ugly game. It seemed neither team really wanted to win. I guess this is what you get when two of the worst teams in the conference meet. This game just goes to show how poor of a team Utah is and how badly they run their offense. Throughout the night, Utah struggled getting to the basket and turned the ball over way too much.
  • Their 23 turnovers were pathetic and it's a surprise Utah even won with how sloppy they played. For whatever reason, this team just can't hold onto the ball and I've got to wonder if Giacoletti even teaches ball control during practice. I could see a high turnover rate if the Utes actually ran a run 'n gun offense, but their style more resembles a blind rec league. Actually, that's not fair to the blind, who probably could play better than what we're seeing from Utah right now.
  • Even with this win, do any Utah fans actually feel it was deserved? If there's a way to back into a victory, Utah did it Saturday night. Utah played very poor basketball, they just were lucky enough that TCU played even poorer (how that's possible I do not know). I hope Giacoletti isn't satisfied with this performance, though I have a feeling he is based on this quote he provided to the Deseret News:
    "When you do those things, it's living proof that you can turn the ball over 25 times and still win the game,"

    Yikes. This better not be a trend he endorses, but knowing Giacoletti, I'm sure it is.
  • With the victory, Utah moves out of last place, which I guess is good because I can't remember a time the Utes finished dead last in the conference (I'll have go research this). It's always nice to know you're not the worst team there is.
  • I'm going to miss Ricky Johns. He's really stepped it up over the past month and his play really has impressed me. Too bad his senior leadership hasn't helped Utah in the win department, and that he'll go out with a career record below .500 with the Utes. How many Utah seniors can say that, I'm guessing not many.
  • Nevill had a decent game, but barely got any touches on the offensive side of the ball. He scored 13 points on 4 of 5 shooting, pulled down 10 boards and had two blocks. I really think, under a new coach, Nevill could turn into a lottery pick, or at least a middle first round draft selection. He's got so much potential and a decent coach should put him on the right path. Though he does need to toughen up, because right now he's way too soft.
  • Green has really struggled over the past few games. He had 9 points against TCU and connected on only one three pointer. For all the progress he made during the first half and middle part of the season, Green has definitely struggled as of late. This was the third straight game where he failed to hit the double digit mark in points. This after 6 straight games of 10 or more points.
  • Utah has a tough game against CSU Wednesday night at home. This will be a tough match-up for the Utes, who struggled against Colorado State's height earlier this year in Fort Collins. I expect the Rams to utilize that height and wouldn't be surprised if they won easily. Utah couldn't have gained that much confidence off of their ugly win against TCU Saturday night. Though with how this team has played over parts of the season, a victory wouldn't shock me either.