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CSU game thoughts

We won! What a shocker.

  • How lost is this team? Well I think the following comment in today's Deseret News just shows how confused and poorly coached this team really is.
    We got a big speech at halftime from the assistant coaches, and we basically looked at each other in the eye and said, 'let's got out and play as hard as possible,'" Green said. "We came out and played defense, one of the best halves we've every played effort-wise."

    Wait, assistant coaches are giving halftime speeches now? Where in the world was Giacoletti, touching up his resume in the corner of the locker room? Yikes, is he so out of touch with the team that he isn't even speaking to them at the half? Or worse, does he just stand there berating them, offering no solution to their problems? It's the job of a coach, especially at the collegiate level, to teach the game of basketball and it looks as if Giacoletti has delegated that responsibility over to his assistants. Hell, maybe the players have just gotten to the point where they don't respect Giacoletti and will only listen to his assistants.
  • That above comment by Green also had me laughing to point where I nearly fell out of my chair. He states the team came out and played defense, yet Colorado State shot over 60% from the field and still managed to score 42 second half points -- 7 more than they managed in the first half. The defense wasn't all that great in the second half, it was just the Utes started hitting their shots. Sometimes, though it's rare, you can out shoot a team to victory and Utah did that last night.
  • Luka Drca had a solid game, scoring 7 points in 18 minutes. His shooting was solid too, going 2-3 from the field and 1 for 1 behind the arc. He also managed two steals and could definitely develop into a solid player. I hope he gets more playing time as the season comes to a close.
  • For how good Drca played, Stephen Weigh struggled. He barely saw the floor and only scored 2 points, yet had 3 turnovers. It's never good when you turn the ball over more than you score, especially when you play less than 10 minutes.
  • David Foster is still seeing limited minutes. He only played three minutes last night, though he did make a bucket, but also turned the ball over once. I don't understand why Giacoletti won't play him, especially since he burned his redshirt already. It seems like a complete waste to squander his talent, even if it is raw.
  • The attendance for Wednesday's game was 9,185 and that's stretching it positively. Even though Giacoletti won, those numbers are what could finally end his career at Utah. Chris Hill fired McBride because of empty seats and I don't think he will hesitate to do the same to Giacoletti. Especially when he realizes that attendance will only get worse if Giacoletti is brought back for another year.