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Will the Utes beat BYU?

Short answer:


Long answer:

No, because Utah hasn't really shown me any evidence the past month or so that they're capable of going on the road and knocking off the top team in the conference. I mean, this Utah team has only won one conference road game, a battle against TCU -- one of the worst teams in the Mountain West. So expecting Utah to beat BYU, a team that hasn't lost at home in 30+ plus games, seems rather impossible.

Oh sure the Utes defeated a pretty solid San Diego State team Tuesday, but I think that was more an aberration than anything else. Ricky Johns, in his final home game as a Ute, lit the Aztecs up for 30 points and pretty much dominated the entire night. I don't expect him to have the same performance this Saturday, not on the road and not against the Mountain West Conference champions.

Yeah the Utes own wins over Washington State, Virginia and Air Force, all three of which have seen some time in the top-25, but all but one came at home. And the game that didn't, Virginia, was played in the San Juan Shootout, a neutral arena. The Marriott Center, during Senior Night and a rivalry game, is far more intimidating than any arena the Utes have played in this season. And since their lone road win was against TCU, I'm inclined to believe they stand little chance of winning Saturday night.

Does this mean I'm giving up on the Utes? Hardly. I'll definitely be cheering for them, but I'm a realist and yes I will concede defeat. The talent level, especially in terms of experience, favors BYU and even though I don't think Dave Rose is a great coach, he's far better than what Utah has right now. Plus I really thought Utah was capable of beating BYU in Salt Lake a few weeks ago and they were completely owned. If they couldn't win then, I don't see how they'll win now.

The Utes may hang tough early on, but the Cougars will prevail because they are the better team. I hate saying it, but that's just the truth we're facing under Ray Giacoletti.