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Larry Krystkowiak close to accepting Utah job?

Andy Katz at ESPN is reporting that Larry Krystkowiak and Chris Hill met today to discuss the Utah job. It's also being reported by the Journal Times (some Wisconsin paper) that neither Hill or Krystkowiak are commenting on the meeting.

Of course this doesn't mean much, but if Larry K wasn't interested in the job, I highly doubt he would have continued talks with Chris Hill and would have told the reporters he wasn't interested. There is definitely smoke, but is there a fire?

Also reported by Andy Katz is that Old Dominion head coach, and Krystkowiak mentor, Blaine Taylor is a candidate as well as Denver Nuggets assistant Mike Dunlap.

So it looks like these are the strongest candidates for the Utah coaching job:

  • Larry Krystkowiak
  • Jim Christian
  • Mike Dunlap
  • Blaine Taylor

Hill can talk with and offer all but Taylor, who is currently in the NCAA Tournament.

A pretty good list, but I'm really hoping it's Larry K!