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Larry Krystkowiak not offered?

Ugh, this is turning into one prolonged, nightmare.

The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting that Chris Hill has not offered the Utah job to Milwaukee Bucks assistant Larry Krstkowiak. This after the Tribune reported he had in fact been offered and could be named head coach as early as today.

The article does state Hill will continue talks with Krystkowiak, who clearly is the frontrunner at this time. There probably won't be a new coach named until next week, which means more speculation abounds.

As of today Milwaukee still has not fired head coach Terry Stotts. It's believed if Scotts is fired and Krstkowiak gets an offer to coach the Bucks, he would turn down the pending Utah offer. However it's been indicated that he would strongly look at accepting the Utah job if Milwaukee keeps Stotts for the remainder of the year.

So get comfortable, it could be a long week.